Since 1959, the year of our foundation in Reggio Emilia – Italy, we have received and repaid the confidence of all those customers who wished to entrust us with increasingly more ambitious projects. We started by manufacturing pumps for the treatment of crops in the agricultural sector and then, in the following decades, we began specializing in other areas.

Today our company operates in three key sectors, two dedicated to components and one to finished products: Agriculture, Industry and Cleaning.

Low, medium and high-pressure piston, diaphragm and centrifugal pumps: this is the Agriculture Division range which we offer to manufacturers of spraying and weeding machines. The quality and durability of our pumps is a plus feature constantly recognized by our customers and which has made us world leaders in this field for many years now.

The range of Industry Division products, on the other hand, consists of high-pressure piston pumps, both axial and triplex, used in many sectors, from carwash systems to road washing machines and typical industrial and urban cleaning applications, so as to enable our customers to find the right solutions to all their needs.

However, we do not limit ourselves only to components, on the contrary. Our Cleaning Division includes a wide range of hot and cold water high-pressure cleaners, catering to the requirements of many different types of customers, and dedicated to both home and professional use. This range of products has recently been extended with the introduction of two new lines, vacuum cleaners and scrubber-driers, thanks to which we are able to present ourselves on the market with a complete range for the entire cleaning sector, both semi-professional and professional.

The continuous acquisition of important companies has represented a determined and courageous choice aimed at enhancing the experience acquired throughout our history by expanding it into complementary sectors, enabling us to become one of the most comprehensive companies in the world in the field of pressurized-water technology.

The key to Comet’s success is the company’s ability to look to the future without ever forgetting the past, thus “dressing” the quality and meticulous craftsmanship which distinguish Italian industrial manufacturing with the modernity of an international approach, the cornerstone of which lies in product quality and the constant improvement of the services on offer.


From the very start we have always been aware that the satisfaction of our partners could only be achieved through know-how, competence, passion. But we have chosen to do more: hence, day after day, we study the problems faced in the field, in order to create innovative products specifically designed for each individual need and which ensure constant quality and performance over time.


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The Comet brand distinguishes products exported to over 130 countries and which are recognised for their excellence.

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Comet Group earnings are constantly growing and testify to the appreciation of the market.

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Our employees represent the beating heart of the group – over 750 people who, every day, work with great passion and team spirit to ensure the constant quality of our products

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The Comet Group is first and foremost a manufacturing company with production facilities in various strategic areas of the world.


We are present in more than 130 countries worldwide, with sales subsidiaries in France, the United States and Mexico and an extensive network of distributors; all this helps us provide you with fast assistance and timely responses to your requests at all times.

Today our industrial group represents the best the market is able to offer, especially because of the broad range of available products and services – from modern technologies applied to cleaning and low-pressure pumps right up to very high-pressure water jetting units. This is made possible thanks to in-house development but also to the acquisition of a number of major companies in the sector at national and international level.



PTC S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in Genoa in 1968 which designs and manufactures high and very high-pressure units. Its two divisions, PTC Urban Cleaning (former Masterfluid) and PTC Water Jetting represent a benchmark for professionals in the field of urban and industrial cleaning. Since 2017, PTC has also been the sole distributor for the HPP pump range.

Valley Industries


Valley Industries is a company which supplies the highest-quality components at the most competitive prices on the market and operates in various fields, from agriculture to industry, food, pharmaceuticals and military. The company is enhanced by a national sales force of men and women dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, also thanks to more than 50 years of experience in the sector.



Lemasa is the South American market leader in the high and very high-pressure sectors. Set up in 1989 in Brazil, it produces pumps, units and accessories for water jetting with pressures up to 2,800 bar and powers up to 550 hp. The use of innovative technologies and painstaking customer care have enabled it to become one of the most appreciated companies in the entire waterjetting sector.

Lavor by Comet


The Lavorwash Group has been a world leader in the production of cleaning machinery since 1975 and offers complete and diversified product ranges for both home and professional use. Lavorwash has its headquarters in Italy in Pegognaga (in the province of Mantua), and has sales subsidiaries in various countries around the world such as France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and, besides in Italy, production plants in China and Brazil.

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